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The Security, Property Management and Logistics Service manages real estate owned or rented by the Ministry in Slovenia and abroad. It also manages, directs and coordinates the Ministry’s activities in the area of security (protection of persons, facilities and property of the Ministry in Slovenia and abroad), logistics (flight tickets, transportation and relocation of persons, material and other property) and defence planning.

It coordinates sales, rentals and renovations of business premises in accordance with the Ministry's needs, policies and guidelines. The Service provides the following activities: planning and managing investments, visits and inspection of properties for purchase or rent, preparation of investment, project, financial and other documentation, participation in the selection of contractors hired for installation, construction and final works, and purchase of equipment and major maintenance. It prepares expert opinion for decisions on the rental, purchase or relocation of the premises of Slovenia’s diplomatic missions abroad, and documents on interior decoration of properties owned or rented by the Ministry, and oversees the compliance with standards for the furnishing of Slovenia's diplomatic premises abroad.

It also ensures regular maintenance of the business premises owned or rented by the Ministry and prepares maintenance plans, coordinating regular interventional maintenance and servicing of electrical, plumbing, gas, smoke and canalisation installations and equipment, heating, ventilation and cooling systems, tinsmith, roofing, joinery and carpentry works, smaller artisanal and painting works, and the maintenance and servicing of lifts, as well as the interior and exterior upkeep of the Ministry’s premises in Slovenia and abroad.

In cooperation with competent authorities, it monitors the security situation in Slovenia and abroad, prepares reports (security assessments), and proposes measures and coordinates their implementation. It provides protection (physical, mechanical and technical) of employees, facilities and other property of the Ministry in Slovenia and abroad, as well as security training for employees posted to Slovenia’s missions abroad, and carries out security vetting of persons in accordance with the Foreign Affairs Act. Aside from that, it performs health and safety at work tasks, and also maintains the Ministry’s telecommunication infrastructure and ensures its functioning in the buildings housing the Ministry in Slovenia and the diplomatic missions abroad. It takes part in all security checks of the Ministry's properties for rent or purchase and provides an expert opinion on their suitability.

In addition to security, the Service provides complete administrative and logistical support for the Ministry and Slovenia’s missions abroad with regard to the transportation and relocation of persons, equipment and other property (including the delivery of diplomatic mail). Among other things, the Service books flights for employees of the Ministry posted abroad or going on a business trip. It is also responsible for the whole vehicle fleet of the Ministry and Slovenia's missions abroad, ensuring adequacy, orderliness and technical worthiness of the vehicles. In this regard, the Service is responsible for purchasing, renting, cleaning and regular servicing of vehicles, as well as keeping records of the car fleet. It also manages storage facilities where fixed assets owned by the Ministry are stored.

In addition, it carries out tasks in the field of defence planning, protection and rescue, and work connected with crisis management in Slovenia.