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Cultural Diversity, Human Rights and Religious freedom Service

The Ministry of Culture is responsible for the implementation of the many commitments assumed by the Republic of Slovenia with the signing of various international instruments in the area of human rights, particularly the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, and conventions, protocols, instruments and similar documents arising therefrom. The Cultural Diversity and Human Rights Service ensures that such rights are exercised in a well-thought-out and coordinated manner in different areas, from the protection of cultural heritage through the media and concern for language policy to creativity.

To that end, it monitors the developments in this area, consults stakeholders and analyses the needs of vulnerable social groups, particularly ethnic communities and persons with disabilities.

It proposes legislative and other measures that enable the aforementioned groups and communities to preserve and develop their own culture and provides everyone with access to the rich treasure trove of cultures.

It financially supports cultural projects that enable social integration and social symbiosis.

Together with other ministries, it represents the Republic of Slovenia in international institutions that are responsible for ensuring respect for human rights and participates in the development of special measures to strengthen intercultural dialogue.