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The Media Directorate prepares and implements regulations relating to media and audiovisual culture and plans and implements additional measures for protecting the plurality and diversity of the media. By providing financial support to the media, it ensures the diversity of the Slovenian media landscape and guarantees the public the right to public information and to be informed objectively of developments happening around them. Radio and television programmes of special importance which broadcast local content receive additional support as an important source of local information. The Directorate specifically supports the creation and dissemination of programmes intended for the deaf and hard-of-hearing and the blind and partially sighted, using techniques adapted to their needs, and the development of appropriate technical infrastructure intended for this audience. It keeps the media register, which comprises basic information on the media in the Republic of Slovenia. In the area of film and audiovisual culture, the Directorate’s key task is to provide the conditions for the development of high-quality film, cinematographic and audiovisual activities in all stages of the cinematographic chain, from development, production, promotion, distribution and screening to storage and protection of film heritage to film education. The Directorate’s tasks also include the implementation of European directives in the area of audiovisual media and cinematography and the implementation of the policy of the Council of Europe in this field.