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Slovenian Intellectual Property Office


The main tasks of the Office include the following: carrying out proceedings for granting patents and supplementary protection certificates for medicinal and plant-protection products and proceedings for the registration of trademarks, designs, topographies of integrated circuits and geographical indications, with the exception of those relating to agricultural products, foodstuffs, wines and other products obtained from grapes or wine; keeping registers of industrial property rights; drafting of proposals for amendments of legislation in the field of intellectual property; information services relating to industrial property rights; issuance of authorisations for collective management of copyright and related rights and supervision of their operations; representation of the Republic of Slovenia in foreign and international organisations in the field of intellectual property on the basis of the authorisation issued by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia; and publication of the Official Bulletin on Industrial Property. The Office performs administrative and technical tasks for the Conciliation Board, which operates pursuant to the Employment Related Inventions Act and which is responsible for the settlement of disputes between employers and employees concerning employment-related inventions. The Office provides administrative assistance to the Copyright Board. It also provides administrative assistance to mediators in settling disputes between collective management organisations and representative associations of users of protected works, users and rigthholders, and in case of alternative dispute resolution regarding multi-territorial licensing between collective management organisation and online service providers or between one or more rightholders or other collective management organization.