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Visitors can access originals or copies of archival records in our reading room at Zvezdarska Street 1 in Ljubljana. Archival documents are primarily used for scientific and research work, as well as for cultural, educational and publicistic purposes. Legal and natural persons can access records also for administrative, business or personal purposes, provided they show their legal interest.

Public and private archival records are made available in archival reading room in accordance with the Protection of Documents and Archives and Archival Institutions Act, Act on Archival Records Containing Personal Data from Medical Records, Regulation on Documents and Archives Protection, Reading Room Regulations, and the conditions set out by records creators in terms of types and periods of restricted access for their records.

Archival records can be used by natural and legal persons free of charge. Before being granted access to records, minors have to present a certificate issued by their legal representative or suitable institution. Foreign citizens have the same rights regarding the use of the records as do Slovenian citizens. Visitors can order archival records in person in the information office, where they have at their disposal archival guides, inventories, catalogues and other finding aids (ledgers, indexes, card indexes, computer databases etc.).

At the clients’ written requests, the Archives issues various certificates and certified or non-certificated copies of documents for their official, business and personal purposes, and delivers them by mail, e-mail or to clients in person. The Archives’ personnel does not search archival records for data needed by clients for their research or study, nor do they provide clients with transcripts, translations or any other research work.   

Users are liable for any misuse of confidential and personal data in archival records, as well as of data relating to the privacy of an individual.

Archives and its cultural heritage

  • Archives

    Archival records – from medieval parchment documents to contemporary digital records on various media – constitute an irreplaceable testimony of past events and are an important part of our cultural heritage and national memory.

  • Archival Records

    Archival records are priceless and as such they are considered a cultural monument. They constitute a small but most valuable part of current records and are of permanent significance for history, science and culture, as well as for the protection of legal interest of natural and legal persons. 

  • Preservation of Archival Cultural Heritage

    Archival records are a small but most valuable part of current records and the one which has permanent significance for history, science and culture, as well as for the legal protection of natural and legal persons. As such, they are considered to be a cultural monument.

  • Public Archival Network

    Public archival service is provided by the Archives of the Republic of Slovenia and regional archives. Slovenian archives collect, preserve, arrange, describe and facilitate access to the Slovenian archival heritage. 

Services of the archival reading room

Guided Tours of the Archives and Education