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Permission for the publishing of reproductions of archival records

In accordance with the Slovenian archival legislation, public archival records are made available in archival reading rooms free of charge to anyone issuing a request to examine them. Visitors can make use of archival records for the purpose of scientific research and publishing.

When publishing, exhibiting or reproducing the Archives’ records, users must ensure proper citation of the records used; clearly stating the name or acronym of archival institution (AS), the name/reference code of archival fonds or collection, and the number of archival and technical unit where such records are kept. Should you need any help or further explanation in regard to proper citation, feel free to contact our reading room staff or information office and they will provide you with any addition information you might require.

Users who publish reproductions of our archival records in their books or articles are required to submit at least one copy of their book or an offprint of their article to the Archives.   

When reproductions of archival records are ordered for the purpose of being published, exhibited, or otherwise commercially presented, users must upon ordering such records obtain from the Archives its written permission to publish such reproductions.

According to paragraph 3 of Article 63 of the Protection of Documents and Archives and Archival Institution Act and based on Article 82 of the Regulation on Documents and Archives Protection, a user must prior to publishing submit to the Archives a list of reproductions he wishes to publish, together with a title of the publication or article where reproductions are to be published, and a name of the author of such a publication or article.