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Slovenia Weekly: An example of values

The Government has approved the Proposed Act on the Reconstruction and Development Following the August Natural Disaster. The Proposed Act contains around 150 articles, covers a wide range of areas, and is intended to allow for a rapid recovery and normalisation of the situation in the affected areas and to lay the foundations for further development and greater resilience to natural disasters. The measures put in place by the Government to address the key challenges for comprehensive assistance to the affected areas cut across various spheres of society.

The Proposed Act provides for a comprehensive approach to development and reconstruction in a number of areas. This will include administratively speeding up construction, planning and other procedures related to reconstruction and development in the affected areas, arranging for the replacement and relocation construction work, and providing assistance to the population, the economy and the agricultural sector.

On Thursday, Slovenia celebrated a public holiday commemorating 23 November 1918, when General Maister and his army disarmed the German security guards and took military power in Maribor. Since 2005, Rudolf Maister Day has been a public holiday in Slovenia, but it is not a work-free day.

Today, we see General Rudolf Maister as an example and follow the values that our ancestors used to ensure our existence, culture and language, as Prime Minister Robert Golob stressed in his message on the occasion. “Knowledge, freedom, cooperation and solidarity are the cornerstones of our actions and plans. However, we cannot achieve our goals and solve our problems unless we work together,” he added.

  • 20231116 01290739 (Minister Klemen Boštjančič)

    Government approves proposal for an act governing reconstruction and development following the August floods

    23. 11. 2023

    Today, the Government agreed on the text of the proposed Reconstruction, Development and Provision of Financial Resources Act, whose aim is to provide mechanisms for accelerated reconstruction and development in areas that were flooded in August and protection against future natural disasters.
  • ORZ1403 (Today we remember Rudolf Maister)

    Message from Prime Minister Robert Golob on Rudolf Maister Day

    23. 11. 2023

    Today we remember Rudolf Maister. A general of steadfast character and unwavering convictions. A great patriot who, 105 years ago in Maribor, laid historic milestones in the struggle for freedom and, with his fighters, bravely and fearlessly disarmed the German security guards. Together with many teachers, educated, learned and conscious people, he passed on the awareness, ethics and knowledge of freedom to generations.
  • 20231122 01292164 (Minister of Culture Asta Vrečko at the press conference after the government meeting)

    81st regular session of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia

    22. 11. 2023

    At today's session, the Government continued its consideration of the proposed Act on Reconstruction, Development and the Provision of Financial Resources. It approved the proposed amendment to the Public Use of the Slovenian Language Act, the proposed amendment to the Building Act and the proposed Minimum Tax Act.
  • Predsedovanje Slovenije Barcelonski konvenciji (Predsedovanje Slovenije Barcelonski konvenciji 2024-2025)

    COP 23: Young people will be key agents of change for a healthy Mediterranean

    22. 11. 2023

    Representatives of the 21 Mediterranean countries – signatories to the Barcelona Convention, which commits them to the maintenance of healthy, safe, clean and biodiverse Mediterranean sea and coasts – will meet in Portorož early in December. This meeting highlights the importance of education and young people as key agents in the efforts for the sustainable development of the Mediterranean. At the meeting, Slovenia will take over the presidency of the group of countries from Türkiye, passing it on to Egypt in 2025.
  • Svetovni dan otroka

    World Children's Day – For every child, every right

    20. 11. 2023

    Children's rights are human rights - and they are being seriously violated for millions of children around the world: in Gaza, Ukraine, Sudan, Haiti and elsewhere. On World Children's Day, we echo UNICEF's call for peace for every child. Every child has the right to live in peace, in a clean and safe environment. They also have the right to be heard and to participate in the decisions that affect them.
  • EU Qualifiers NZS Stozice 20.11.2023 foto Damjan Koncar  06438

    Slovenia qualifies for the Euro 2024

    24. 11. 2023

    Slovenia is set to compete in the European Championship 2024, marking their return after 24 years. The Slovenian national football team secured their place by defeating Kazakhstan 2:1 in the final round of qualifying, sparking a wave of football euphoria across the nation.