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Slovenia Weekly: Playing a Responsible and Active Role

The importance of cooperation in strategic areas, with a focus on defence, energy, and a commitment to maintaining dialogue on minorities, were the main messages of the Prime Minister's visit to Rome, where he was received by his host, Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni. The visit affirmed the strategic alliance between Slovenia and Italy with regard to all important European and global matters. At their meeting, the two leaders discussed how the cooperation can be further strengthened to the benefit of the citizens of both countries.

The United Nations Security Council adopted a resolution focusing on the protection of children in Gaza and the release of hostages, many of them children. The Slovenian Minister for Foreign and European Affairs, Tanja Fajon, has already reacted to the resolution’s adoption. Slovenia will become a non-permanent member of the Security Council for two years as of the new year. The adoption of the resolution is important news, as it is the first time in seven years that the Security Council has adopted a resolution on the Middle East, she said, adding that the Security Council has proved that – despite all the polarisation – it can take a stand on major crises such as the current one in Gaza. According to the Minister, it is the first and most urgent step. "It will be important to continue to focus our energies on ending the conflict and finding a political solution. Slovenia – as a member of the UN Security Council – stands ready to play a responsible and active role," she assured.

This Friday, Slovenia starts the day with the traditional Slovenian breakfast. Today, on the 13th consecutive annual Slovenian Food Day, many schools, kindergartens and other educational establishments will welcome students with the traditional Slovenian breakfast, which is focused this year on grains. The main players in the Slovenian Food Day initiative invite everyone to use local food. This year, the project is being held under the slogan "Bread for breakfast starts a great day", and as this year we mark the International Year of Millet, this cereal will be given special attention.