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Slovenia Weekly: A tribute to the Slovenian language

This week in Slovenia has been marked by two holidays: Reformation Day and the Day of Remembrance for the Dead.

In Slovenia, Reformation Day is celebrated on the last day of October. The Reformation era in the 16th century brought the first printed book in Slovenian, the first grammar book and the Slovenian literary language to the Slovenian people. Reformation Day is one of Slovenia's key holidays, commemorating the events that marked the inception of Slovenian identity and self-awareness. It laid the foundations for the formation of the Slovenian state and, most importantly, instilled in us the self-confidence that continued to support our efforts to become an independent country, which happened in 1991.

The Day of Remembrance for the Dead, commemorated on 1 November, is a work-free national holiday. It is customary on this day for people to visit the graves of their deceased relatives and friends, where they lay flowers and light candles in their memory. For nearly 194,000 pupils and around 82,000 students, the autumn school holidays officially commenced on Monday. Slovenian schoolchildren can therefore enjoy a total of nine days of holidays, extending through this weekend, thanks to Reformation Day and the Day of Remembrance for the Dead.