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Prime Minister Golob: It is up to politicians to implement expert decisions

Prime Minister Robert Golob, Head of the Office of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia for Post-Flood and Landslide Reconstruction Boštjan Šefic and Commander of the Civil Protection of the Republic of Slovenia Srečko Šestan today visited the flooded areas in Baška Grapa, where a preventive evacuation from the most seriously affected buildings was ordered yesterday to ensure the safety of citizens. A total of 36 inhabitants have been relocated.

"First of all, I would like to thank everyone, in particular the firefighters and civil protection and police officers, who have been actively involved over the past 24 hours," said Prime Minister Golob in his introduction, adding that it was thanks to the exceptional and timely response of the intervention teams that people’s lives were protected. "Unfortunately, we are increasingly confronted with extreme weather conditions," said the Prime Minister during his tour of the area, adding that this makes it all the more important to establish a well-thought-out and, above all, expert-based systemic basis for responding to natural disasters. Dr Golob believes that experts must play the leading role in the measures taken: "It is up to politicians to implement the decisions of experts."

This week, the draft Reconstruction and Development Act, which forms the systemic basis, was submitted for consideration to municipalities, experts and the opposition. The Prime Minister is confident that constructive comments will be collected over the next two weeks and that the Act will be approved by the National Assembly by the end of November. This is an extremely important basis, because, according to the Prime Minister, it will enable us to plan for the next five years how to get back on our feet after all the devastating natural disasters.

The mayor of Tolmin Municipality, Alen Červ, thanked the Government for its rapid response, adding that he also believed that systemic solutions were needed. "We need preventive solutions in order to prevent these things from happening again. We know that we have pushed our planet to its limits and that these things will happen again in the future. So we need to be better prepared," he said. He considered that the discussion with the Prime Minister had been very constructive and that solutions had been found from which the municipality had high expectations. The mayor also agreed that systemic preventive solutions should be based on the opinions of experts: "If we are able to ensure this, it may be necessary to find certain compromises, both in terms of nature conservation and with residents. But all in the direction of keeping the beautiful countryside safe to live in," concluded Mayor Červ.