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Slovenia Weekly: Holiday for a symbol

The month of April is dedicated to the promotion of the Slovenian flag and, as of 7 April, 147 years have passed since the Slovenian tricolour was raised in Ljubljana for the first time. The Day of the Slovenian Flag is marked on 7 April in memory of this day in 1848 when Slovenian student Lovro Toman and his associates raised the Slovenian tricolour in the centre of Ljubljana for the first time. In addition to the coat of arms and anthem, the flag is considered one of the symbols of affiliation to the state.

As the holiday has been well received by people in recent years, the celebration was stretched from one day to the whole of April. The purpose of the Flag Month is to raise awareness that the flag is a symbol of us all, regardless of religion, ethnicity and nationality. The flag is not just a symbol of the political authorities and not only flown during a sporting event or raised in front of official institutions. Slovenians are still not aware that they can fly a flag all year round. Each and every citizen of Slovenia has the right to use it and to identify with it. Finally, the tricolour is a symbol of our country and not of the current authorities.

  • 9D0A7016 (To mark the occasion, the Slovenian Government Communication Office set up a stand on Prešeren Square in Ljubljana)

    Slovenian Flag Day

    7. 4. 2022

    Slovenian Flag Day is celebrated on 7 April. The flag was first unveiled by Slovenian students in Vienna in 1848, but it was on 7 April 1848 that the Slovenian patriot and student Lovro Toman first hoisted the Slovenian tricolour on Slovenian lands, at the site of the former inn Pri Zlati Zvezdi on Wolfova Ulica in Ljubljana.
  • PV1 1916 (Prime Minister Janez Janša.)

    Prime Minister Janez Janša at Harvard: We must help Ukraine to defend itself

    6. 4. 2022

    Prime Minister Janez Janša was a speaker today in an online discussion of the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs at the Harvard Kennedy School.
  • fototermin zunaj (foreign ministers of Slovenia, Croatia and Italy standing, nature in the background)

    Foreign ministers of Slovenia, Croatia and Italy on cooperation in the North Adriatic Sea

    4. 4. 2022

    In the framework of trilateral cooperation in the North Adriatic Sea, Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr Anže Logar met for the third time with foreign ministers of Croatia Gordan Grlić Radman and of Italy Luigi di Maio in Zaprešić, Croatia. The ministers took stock of the cooperation in the fields of connectivity, the blue economy and environmental protection, and reviewed concrete proposals for further cooperation.
  • shutterstock 1039623064 (This year’s theme, "Our planet, our health", focuses on global environmental threats and the urgent actions needed to keep people healthy and to preserve the planet as a resource for human health)

    Our planet, our health

    7. 4. 2022

    World Health Day has been celebrated on 7 April since 1950, the date marking the anniversary of the founding of the World Health Organisation.
  • 65934972 (Slovenia presented itself in Dubai under the slogan Slovenia – Green Smart Experience )

    Slovenian Pavilion at the Dubai Expo hosted almost one million visitors

    6. 4. 2022

    The World Expo 2020, which started on 1 October, ended on the last day of March. During that time, the Slovenian Pavilion welcomed almost one million visitors and the business centre hosted more than 200 events.
  • 65959122 (The 100 times larger Carniolan honeybee was created to celebrate Slovenia's EU Council Presidency and was also a hit at the Slovenian pavilion at the Expo in Dubai)

    A giant Carniolan bee on the roof of Cankarjev dom

    6. 4. 2022

    These days, Cankarjev dom is hosting a gigantic Carniolan honeybee. The so-called 3D Carniolan honeybee, a physical model of the worker bee Apis mellifera carnica, was put on display in cooperation with the Slovenian Beekeeping Association to mark World Bee Day on 20 May and the 11th year of urban beekeeping on the roof of the building.