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Slovenia Weekly: Unity that surpasses expectations

The National Hall (Narodni Dom) has been returned to Slovenians, who built it there in order to shape the pulse of the Slovenian presence in the city. After more than a hundred years, the National Hall in Trieste is once again owned by the Slovenian national community in Italy. The last step in the journey that took decades and was given significant impetus in recent years through the commitment of the presidents of both countries, Sergio Mattarella and Borut Pahor, was taken on Monday at the Prefecture of Trieste (in the Federal Government Palace), where the agreement officially confirming the transfer of ownership of the National Hall to the Slovenian national community in Italy was ceremoniously signed.

This is a historic day for the Slovenian national community in Italy. 102 years after the arson, the National Hall is again in the hands of its original owners. "The National Hall should come to life as a multicultural centre", the Italian President Sergio Mattarella said to Slovenians, adding that "with such events, Trieste sets an example for the whole Europe, as it demonstrates its ultimate commitment to peace, integration and cooperation."

"Our unity within the EU is greater than expected and, in particular, it is greater than expected by the Kremlin," Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Janša told CNN in an interview about the current developments in Ukraine, stressing that it is now primarily Europe's turn to provide a fast track to the EU membership. "People are dying every day, so we must do everything in our power to support them and help them to defend themselves," said the Prime Minister.