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Slovenia Weekly: Champions

During his visit in Brussels, the Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Janša stressed that Slovenia fully supported the EU's de-escalation efforts at the Ukrainian border, adding that "further intensification of conflicts and tensions will not bring victory, only defeat". This is why Slovenia strongly supports "those who are working to ease tensions and to find peaceful solutions to outstanding issues," highlighted the Prime Minister.

This week, health professionals outlined a course for easing epidemiological measures. The COVID-19 expert group put forward a number of proposals that will be decided by the Government and could enter into force very soon, including abolishing quarantine, eliminating the recovered/vaccinated/tested rule for certain activities, modifying the execution of congress and trade fair activities, as well as introducing certain changes in sports and culture.

The real champions, however, are the Slovenian athletes in Beijing, as the number of medals won per capita so far places Slovenia among the world's winter sport superpowers.