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  • Minister Fajon at the 18th Bled Strategic Forum »Solidarity is a prerequisite for peace and security«

    Minister Tanja Fajon opened the 18th Bled Strategic Forum, which this year is held under the title of "Solidarity for Global Security". The theme coincides with the most devastating natural disaster in Slovenia's recent history, which affected many people and destroyed a large number of homes. The guests were also addressed by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia, Robert Golob, and the President of the European Council, Charles Michel.

  • Most of the Slovenian economy is operating completely normally after the floods

    In early August, parts of Slovenia were hit by widespread flooding, which also caused great damage to part of the economy. Most of the Slovenian economy is functioning completely normally after the floods, it is safe and open for business.

  • Slovenia has requested international assistance

    In most of the areas affected by the floods, the rescue efforts are being shifted to the phase when basic conditions for subsistence and communications are being provided. Due to the extent of the damage in the affected areas, the Republic of Slovenia has decided to request international assistance through EU and NATO mechanisms.