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The Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in Ottawa represents the Republic of Slovenia in Canada and other countries of accreditation, protects and realizes the interests of the Republic of Slovenia, its citizens and legal entities, and promotes and develops friendly relations and cooperation between the countries in all fields.

Economic affairs

Welcome to the Economic Affairs section of Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in Ottawa.

Our mission is to promote and foster economic/trade relations as well as academic, scientific and cultural cooperation between Canada and Slovenia on governmental, institutional, business and community level.

The Economic Affairs section of the Embassy works in partnership with the Canadian Slovenian Chamber of Commerce, as well as relevant institutions in Slovenia, such as Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Economy, SPIRIT Slovenia, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia and others.

We monitor Canadian economic, financial and trade policy while keeping track of economic and trade trends, regulations and legislation updates. The Economic Affairs sector also engages in advocacy and relationship building with and between relevant institutional and business stakeholders in Canada and Slovenia.

Contact: Mr. Simon Pribac, Trade Commissioner

E-mail: simon.pribac(at)

Tel.: +1 613 565 5781

Fax: +1 613 565 5783

Slovenia and Canada have excellent political and economic relations and cooperate in many international organizations including UN, NATO, The Human Security Network, and the OSCE. Canada recognized Slovenian independence on January 15, 1992. Slovenia opened an Embassy in Ottawa on March 13, 1993. As of late 2007 Canada does not have an Embassy in Slovenia, the Canadian Embassy in Budapest, Hungary represents Canada.

Slovenian community in Canada

There is a strong Slovenian community in Canada and the Embassy assists all Slovenian organizations and citizens on issues with Slovenia and helps promote Slovenia to all Canadians. In addition, the Government Office for Slovenians Abroad supports cultural, education, sports, business and science cooperation among Slovenians abroad. It ensures that Canadian Slovenians or any Slovenians living abroad can find a link to Slovenia.

Slovenians can be found in every province however, a majority of Slovenians are located in Ontario, Quebec, Alberta and British Columbia. There are a number of Slovenian Associations and Groups across Canada. There are two large associations in Quebec, Alberta and British Columbia and many more in Ontario. There are three Slovenian churches in Toronto, Hamilton and Montreal.

The first Slovenians came to Canada in the early 1900’s. The second generation of Slovenians came as refugees after the second world war. The third generation of Slovenians came in the 1960’s. Currently, Slovenians continue to visit Canada and some continue to emigrate. Most of the emigration moves to Ontario where the community is largest.

The Slovenian communities continue to hold on to the tradition of Slovenia to enrich Canada and other ethnic communities. We have a list of Slovenian groups, organizations and churches in Canada. If you would like your group or association included, please contact us at