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The Recovery and Resilience Plan addresses key challenges related to demographic trends and the growing need for increased access to high-quality long-term care services.

The objectives of reforms and investments under the "Long-term care" component are to create a new pillar of social security by establishing a comprehensive legal framework for high-quality, socially equitable and financially sustainable long-term care, to increase the accessibility, availability and affordability of services for all beneficiaries, irrespective of age, to strengthen the development of community-based services and integration with health services, to improve staff capacity, and to support the digitalisation of the system.

Establishing a single system for long-term care – reform

The reform aims to create a new pillar of social security, focusing on the specific needs of people in need of long-term care and ensuring equal access regardless of socio-economic status. A special law will ensure more diversified financing sources, in particular by introducing compulsory long-term care insurance.

The reform consists of entry into force of a new law establishing an integrated long-term care system and compulsory long-term care insurance in Slovenia, including amendments to by-laws in the field of social security; and the establishment of a national model for the monitoring of the quality of treatment by long-term care providers.