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The Mad Hatter`s Wardrope exhibition by Alan Hranitelj

On the occasion of its second Presidency of the Council of the European Union, works by its most renowned artists will represent Slovenia. Slovenia hosts a retrospective exhibition of the internationally recognised costume designer Alan Hranitelj in cooperation with the renowned set designer Marko Japelj, who arranged an installation offering a glimpse into the artist’s wardrobe at the premises of the Council of the EU. The creations, which cross over from costume design to different worlds of art and combine seemingly incompatible motives, reflect the imaginary world of an artist committed to eternal beauty.

Twenty display cases from the Mad Hatter’s Wardrobe exhibition are displayed in the Justus Lipsius building from July to December 2021, while there are photographs of all 36 display cases on display in the Europa building and on Alan Hranitelj official website, through which the artist, in his own unique and recognisable way, expresses the EU motto "united in diversity".

About author and the Mad Hatter`s Wardrobe Exhibition

For over thirty years, the Slovenian costume designer Alan Hranitelj has been designing for plays, operas, classical ballet, contemporary dance, film and exhibitions. His opus so far includes over 400 costume designs and collaborations on various artistic projects.

He has won numerous awards for his work, both at home and abroad. In 2020, he received the highest national award for cultural achievements, the Prešeren Fund Award, for his retrospective exhibition Parallel Worlds 2006–2019.

Part of this exhibition, called the Mad Hatter's Wardrobe, shows the author's insight into the the infinitely colourful world of patterns, materials, structures and reflections. The author has created an entire universe from classic, mostly monochromatic men's shirts, waistcoats, ties, shoes, hats and cuff links. He upgraded, modified and completed his existing fabric samples with various geometric shapes using computer technology. They intertwine with numerous images drawn from the plant and animal world. Each piece comes alive within its own pattern. With the help of duplication and mirrors they seem to undulate in all directions, having a magical and psychedelic effect on our senses, taking us to parallel worlds.

In the making of the Mad Hatter's Wardrobe, Alan Hranitelj has outdone himself by combining the artisanal perfectionism of handicraft and his exceptional artistic skills.

The Mad Hatter`s Wardrope

Setting up the Mad Hatter`s Wardrope exhibition