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The accompanying measures required for the implementation of the CEF programme and the fulfilment of its aims. The programme support measures include, in particular, studies, infrastructure mapping, providing information and awareness-raising, IT tools expenditure as well as technical assistance for Cohesion Member States with project preparation and management.
  • The EU aims to establish international rail corridors for a European rail network. The objectives of the technical assistance are to facilitate the participation of Slovenia in the corridor structures to improve the information flows and to streamline the implementation of cross-border projects.

  • The EU aims to establish international rail corridors for a European rail network to ensure competitive freight transport allowing goods trains to run in good conditions and pass smoothly from one national network to another.

  • The purpose of the support measure is to increase institutional capacities and the efficiency of public administrations and services as regards the development and implementation of TEN-T core network projects. This ensures support for Member States eligible for Cohesion Fund funding that may experience problems in planning projects that are sufficiently developed and/or of good enough quality and have enough EU added value.



    The purpose of the project is to exchange spatial data that is of fundamental importance to ITS (intelligent transport system) applications. The project is carried out by a group of experts from 15 EU Member States working alongside electronic mapmakers. The Slovenian project partner is the Public Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Traffic Safety.

  • With regard to public transport, particularly information on multimodality and the issuing of smart cards, significant harmonisation will be required for the wide range of standards and technical specifications. Deploying a set of harmonised European public data standards (Transmodel, NeTEx and SIRI), will enable union-wide multimodal travel information services.

  • The aim is to provide comprehensive information in Slovenia and the wider EU area on the range of travel services provided by public and private operators, thereby enabling smooth, multimodal and cross-border door-to-door travel for passengers. EU grants are earmarked for carrying out ITS tasks to ensure the implementation of multimodal travel information services on the TEN-T network by bringing together public bodies, public transport service providers and providers of trans-European multimodal travel information.