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We are responsible for maintaining and modernising the road system and developing the road infrastructure, we ensure that the country has adequate internal and external transport connections, promote the economic development of the country, support sustainable mobility and improve the traffic safety of road users.

Slovenia has approximately 39,000 kilometres of public roads. The public road network is divided into state roads owned by the State and municipal roads owned by municipalities. The total length of state roads is more than 6,500 kilometres. The management, maintenance and development of main and regional roads and the cycle network fall under the responsibility of the Slovenian Infrastructure Agency (DRSI), while the Motorway Company of the Republic of Slovenia (DARS) manages, maintains and plans the development of motorways and expressways.

Municipal roads are managed by municipalities and include local roads (more than 13,000 km) and public paths (more than 18,500 km).

Our priority tasks concerning the road infrastructure are to formulate systemic regulation of the development of the state road network, extend the motorway system, develop the toll system as the system for financing and directing traffic flows and burdens, introduce an electronic toll system, modernise the state road network and effectively absorb EU funds.

In accordance with the plan of investments in transport infrastructure for 2018–2023, most of the funds are allocated for the construction of new sections and bypasses, road reconstruction and the arrangement of roads through settlements. The funds intended for bridge structures, geotechnical measures and the establishment of cycle routes throughout Slovenia have also been substantially increased.