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Regional development policies promote sustainable development in the broadest sense, realise development potentials and eliminate development barriers in all Slovenian regions while preserving resources and opportunities for the development of future generations.

Through regional policy we strive for harmonised regional development throughout Slovenia. Regional development programmes are designed to extend beyond borders and include neighbouring countries and regions, and the Slovenians living there. There are 12 development regions in Slovenia, each with a Regional Development Agency performing general development tasks in the region and drawing up, coordinating, monitoring and evaluating the regional development programmes.

Priority regional policy areas

There are great differences in regional development in Slovenia and we are particularly active in the priority regional policy areas. In these areas we implement special measures and coordinate key projects. In areas with high unemployment we implement programmes for promoting competitiveness.

Priority areas are:

  • disadvantaged border areas,
  • Pomurska region,
  • disadvantaged areas with high unemployment rate,
  • areas where the Hungarian and Italian national communities live,
  • areas were members of the Roma community live.

Within the regional policy we stimulate the development of social entrepreneurship, cooperatives and economic democracy. One of the incentives is the transfer of unneeded state-owned assets to municipalities and public funds when they can be used in new development projects. The Slovenian Regional Development Fund is responsible for developing incentives.

When our country is struck by major natural disasters, we request the assistance of the EU Solidarity Fund and ensure that the funds get to those who need them.

We actively cooperate with local and regional governments in neighbouring and other countries.

Regional policy objectives

The vision of regional development is to have effectively managed, dynamic and creative regions with their own identity that are able to recognise and exploit global development opportunities. This regional development will be based on economic efficiency, social justice and environmental responsibility.

The promotion of balanced regional development has the following general objectives:

  • to increase economic, environmental and social capital in development regions and increase its efficiency in terms of the competitiveness of the economy, the quality of life and the sustainable use of natural resources,
  • to eliminate structural problems in disadvantaged areas and reduce their development lag,
  • to realise and increase the developmental potential of Slovenian regions through international cooperation.