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The pension system in the Republic of Slovenia is based on intergenerational solidarity. Individuals in employment make payments to the pension and disability insurance scheme and, on this basis, are provided with an income in the form of pensions during retirement due to old age or disability when they are no longer earning income from employment or from the performance of any other activity. To secure its sustainability, the pension system is continuously adapted according to legislative requirements.

Compulsory insurance scheme

In accordance with the applicable pension and disability legislation, pension and disability insurance in the Republic of Slovenia is compulsory and applies uniformly to all insured persons. It covers persons employed with organisations and other employers, persons pursuing an independent economic or professional activity, farmers and farm household members, and persons who pay contributions to the pension scheme on their income from their copyright, contract or other work which is subject to personal income tax. Participation in the compulsory insurance scheme may also be made voluntarily.

Insured persons performing work that is particularly demanding and harmful to health or work they can no longer perform professionally once they reach a certain age are additionally insured under a system of compulsory occupational insurance that guarantees them the right to occupational pensions. Contributions to the compulsory occupational insurance scheme are paid for such persons by employers.

Additional savings for old age

To continue to have a standard of living comparable to that they enjoyed during their period of employment, citizens are advised to make additional savings for old age. To that end, they may be insured, collectively or individually, under supplementary pension insurance. Persons insured under supplementary pension insurance have the right to a supplementary old-age pension and an early supplementary pension in the form of a pension annuity. This scheme involves them saving money in personal savings accounts to secure additional income after retirement under the compulsory pension and disability insurance scheme.

Payment of pensions

Rights under compulsory, occupational and supplementary insurance are unalienable rights and as such cannot be transferred or inherited. The payment of pensions and other remuneration under compulsory insurance to beneficiaries is provided directly by the Republic of Slovenia, while in cases of occupational and supplementary pension insurance, the State ensures the provision of such forms of insurance and supervises the operation of institutions responsible for their provision.

All activities related to compulsory pension and disability insurance are carried out through the Pension and Disability Insurance Institute of Slovenia, which has 15 regional units and offices. At these units, insured persons may check the conditions for their retirement and the projected amount of remuneration.