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By granting scholarships we encourage education and the acquisition of higher levels of education, improve the employability of young people and contribute to shorter duration of study in tertiary education. This facilitates the social and economic development of the country and helps young people to become independent earlier and have greater personal responsibility. Scholarships also reduce the imbalances between the attained educational qualifications of young people and the demand for particular profiles in the labour market.

We allocate considerable funds for scholarships. The national scholarships assist students from socially disadvantaged families in their schooling, the Zois scholarships contribute to the schooling of gifted students and the Ad Futura scholarships are intended for young people studying abroad. By co-financing corporate scholarships we encourage employers to plan recruitments and recruit the necessary personnel, and with the scholarships for Slovenians living abroad we strengthen their connection to their homeland and provide them with an opportunity to study in Slovenia. We devote special attention to professions where there is shortage of workers. Students in these fields are granted scholarships for shortage occupations.

Right education for a faster track to employment

Demographic changes, technological progress and other factors are creating a gap between the supply and demand in the labour market. With scholarships for shortage occupations we encourage young people to pursue education for professions in which we detect discrepancies between the current and future numbers of available workers and the estimated number of available jobs.