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One of the foundations for the quality of life and safety of all residents is ensuring public safety. The Ministry of the Interior takes law and order measures to enforce people’s right to safety and dignity in both public and private spaces as guaranteed by the Constitution and laws. Law and order is maintained by state and other bodies through regulations and measures preventing behaviour and threats that could put the community or individuals at risk.

Close surveillance

Safety and law and order activities and activities that could pose a threat to the latter are particularly closely monitored. Thus, for instance, the Weapons Act regulates in detail the purchase and possession of firearms, seeking to prevent the negative consequences of the possession of firearms by classifying such as prohibited weapons that individuals may not purchase or possess or as permitted weapons that individuals may purchase under special conditions. Permitted weapons are intended to be used in sports or hunting, as collector’s items, or for personal safety. A permit of the competent body is also required for the production of or trade in explosives or pyrotechnic articles; the purchase, possession and use of the latter are restricted by law.

Private security and detective services are also monitored. Private security services may only be provided by a company or sole trader that has registered such an activity, has a valid licence and meets the conditions prescribed by law. Detective services may only be performed by a detective who has a valid licence and a detective identification card and is entered in the register of detectives with the Detective Chamber of the Republic of Slovenia and this solely based on the client’s written authorisation.

Order and safety in public spaces

A quality public space requires a high degree of public safety and order, meaning clean, well-kept and, in particular, safe roads, streets, parks and other public spaces. At the municipal and city levels, public safety and order are maintained by the municipal or city warden services, which can be established by the municipal or city council. Its competences include ensuring safe and smooth-flowing road traffic in built-up areas, protecting roads and the environment in built-up areas and municipal roads outside built-up areas, ensuring safety on municipal public paths and in recreational and other public areas, protecting public property and natural and cultural heritage, and maintaining law and order.

Maintaining law, order and safety is particularly important at public events where a large number of people come together. In Slovenia, everyone has the right to organise and participate in public assemblies and public events. However, organisers must report such events in advance and ask for permission when these might pose a threat to the safety or rights of others.

The best way to ensure safety is taking personal responsibility for it

Traffic is without doubt the most common safety issue. In the Republic of Slovenia, traffic safety is ensured with a high-quality and regularly maintained infrastructure and by monitoring vehicle safety. However, safety ultimately depends on us the road users. Compliance with regulations and responsible traffic behaviour are the best guarantee for everyone’s safety.

The same is true of safety in sports and recreation, be it in the mountains, on the ski slopes or in the water, and of the use of pyrotechnic articles. In all these areas, the State sets out the statutory rules to ensure safety and order, but without the users’ responsible behaviour, these will remain a dead letter.