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High-quality media are central to the development of culture. They have an irreplaceable role in satisfying the public’s right to information, helping develop the national and cultural identity and the Slovenian language, strengthening the fundamental values of society such as human rights, democracy and tolerance, contributing to the development of education and science, promoting the culture of public dialogue, and strengthening the rule of law and the welfare state. In the Republic of Slovenia, we carry out measures to ensure the plurality of the Slovenian media sphere and that everyone has access to high-quality and diverse media content.

By providing financial support to the media, we ensure the diversity of the Slovenian media landscape and guarantee the public the right to public information. Radio and television programmes of special importance which broadcast local content receive additional support as an important source of local information.

We prepare and implement regulations relating to the media and plan and implement additional measures to protect the plurality and diversity of the media so as to ensure that, throughout the territory of Slovenia, people have access to sufficiently objective information from different sources. In doing so, we ensure the furtherance of the public interest in the area of media in the Republic of Slovenia.

We specifically support the creation and dissemination of programmes intended for the deaf and hard-of-hearing and the blind and partially sighted, using techniques adapted to their needs, and the development of appropriate technical infrastructure intended for these audiences.

We also maintain the media register, which comprises basic information on the media in the Republic of Slovenia.

Public service in the area of media

The public service providers in the area of media and the provision of information are RTV Slovenia (RTV SLO) and the Slovenian Press Agency (STA). RTV Slovenia is a public institute of particular cultural and national importance; it is responsible for original audiovisual production, educational programme content, children’s and youth programmes, and media education. The role of RTV Slovenia and the STA as the providers and distributors of credible information will become even more important in the future given the expected rise in fake news and similar phenomena.

The market for electronic communications and audiovisual media services is regulated and supervised by the Agency for Communication Networks and Services of the Republic of Slovenia (AKOS) – an independent national regulatory authority. The Broadcasting Council of the Republic of Slovenia (SRDF) as an independent expert body provides opinions, proposals and assessments primarily to the Agency and, to a lesser extent, to the Ministry of Culture.