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Culture arises from the will and need to change the world, and represents an unlimited field of creativity for both its creators and users, thus making an important contribution to the development of society as a whole. That is why in all fields of the arts we support and actively develop free creativity and innovation, which, through their own explorations, pave new paths, show new directions, and provide new forms, and are sources of new poetics and types of art.

We provide and search for new systemic solutions to create conditions conducive to developing cultural creativity in the wider social context, and also ensure budgetary resources through tender and open call procedures.  In addition to promoting the flourishing of the most diversified cultural creativity throughout Slovenia, we strive to promote Slovenian culture abroad. Among other things, we provide co-funding for the accommodation and artistic creation of Slovenian artists through artist residencies in Berlin, London, New York and Vienna, and ensure the presence of Slovenian culture at some of the most prominent international cultural events.

In the field of film and audiovisual culture, we promote the development of all segments of the film and audiovisual sectors, covering the entire chain of production, promotion, distribution and presentation of high quality Slovenian, European and world films. The measures include financial support and incentives for film and audiovisual production, co-production and some elements of promotion and distribution, and promote the development of art cinema programmes and audiovisual works intended for media broadcast. Another essential element is care for film heritage, including the digitisation of films and audiovisual works and ensuring the widest possible audience access thereto.

Regardless of whether an individual is a creator or user of culture, arts and cultural education is of vital importance. Arts and cultural education has lifelong dimensions and is particularly important for children and youth from the aspect of both the reception and research of culture and the aspect of creativity. In terms of contents and mission, arts and cultural education is a cross-cutting issue of the cultural, educational and scientific sectors, which is why it has a place in all areas of human activity and existence, and in all periods of an individual’s life. Special attention is also devoted to different social groups and subcultures which in one way or another encompass various cultural activities.

Slovenian amateur arts societies, with over 110,000 active participants, can be proud of their respectable tradition and achievements. They often represent the initial staffing base for cultural and artistic activities in general. Amateur arts are supported by local communities and the Republic of Slovenia through its Public Fund for Cultural Activities.  By means of targeted funding, we encourage the active participation of the widest range of cultural creators and promote the best achievements. We also promote balanced regional development of amateur arts and a diversity of content.

Another objective in the field of creativity is to increase the qualifications, knowledge, skills, competences and mobility of cultural creators and to promote equal opportunities and social cohesion. For this purpose, we provide scholarships for education in the arts and culture and support vocational training.