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Export of animals, foodstuffs of animal origin and other products of animal origin

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When animals, food of animal origin and other products of animal origin are exported to countries outside the European Union, the requirements laid down in the legislation of the importing country must be met. In compliance with the requirements of the importing country relevant documents and an export certificate for a specific species of animal or product must be drawn up. An export certificate shall be issued by an official veterinarian from a regional office of the Administration for Food Safety, Veterinary Sector and Plant Protection.


Prior to the intended export, exporters should find out what the regulations in the importing country require for the import of certain goods and what documents must accompany the consignments. Animals and products of animal origin are usually subject to rather restrictive conditions and consignments must be accompanied by an animal health certificate. Certain countries have particularly restrictive conditions that require a preliminary assessment and even a visit to the importing country before importation is allowed.