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The new website was launched in mid-November, which presents Slovenia through text and video stories and the I Feel Slovenia national brand.
The website

The website | Author UKOM

Who are we Slovenes? What are our special characteristics? What are our special customs? What is Slovenia best known for? What are we proud of? Who made our history and who are the Slovenes whose achievements have propelled Slovenia towards international recognition? You will also perhaps find some jokes about Slovenes and a recipe for the holidays or for ordinary days.

All of this and more is waiting under four links on the redesigned website: This is Slovenia, Art & Cultural Heritage, Business & Innovation and Excellence.

In our first weekly issue we present interesting stories about green patches and corners of Slovenia, a sustainable attitude towards the environment, the positive impacts of the green economy, threats to our planet and the solutions being applied in Slovenia.

The website also promotes the values and guidelines of the I Feel Slovenia national brand, which can be seen in both the visual look of the website and in the content, the photos and the videos. In Slovenia, green is more than just a colour – it is Slovenian Green, which symbolises a balanced lifestyle, coexistence with nature, an orientation towards that which can be experienced by the senses, a passion for everything Slovenian, innovativeness, creativity, boutique green, a supportive environment and uniqueness. 

The website is in English, and is designed for foreign public, but it might also be interesting to people from Slovenia, so we can remind ourselves about what we have to be proud of and what is uniquely ours. 

The website has also been optimised for use on mobile phones, so that you can enjoy stories about Slovenia anywhere you go. 

There is no lack of interesting stories about Slovenia and its people. We will also be pleased to receive your suggestions and contributions to improve our global image.