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Record 79 new infections, protective measures of crucial importance

A record number of tests (as many as 2,560) and a record number of infections marked yesterday – 79 coronavirus infections were confirmed.

Jelko Kacin

Jelko Kacin | Author Daniel Novakovič/STA

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The government spokesperson Mr Jelko Kacin pointed out at today’s press conference that the increased number of tests not only places additional burdens on laboratories but also health centres, personal physicians and the National Institute of Public Health (NIJZ). All people who have been tested and are waiting for results are turning to them. He stressed that the experts are doing their best to process the tests quickly and reliably and that the test subjects are informed of the results.

He urged people to respect the health and protective measures, to wear masks properly, to disinfect hands, and to maintain a safe distance. At a time when the number of infections is increasing, we must be responsible and act collectively. „Protect yourself, this is the only way to protect others,“ he stressed.

Dr Nuška Čakš Jager from the NIJZ said that the number of infections in Central Europe is overgrowing, especially in Spain. At the moment, we have 590 active cases in Slovenia. There are more and more infections of local origin, and the number of infections from an unknown source is also increasing because people do not remember their contacts or do not want to disclose them. Among the imported cases, the majority are from neighbouring Croatia.

Dr Čakš Jager reported on infections in nursing homes and schools that yesterday 18 new cases were confirmed in nursing homes, 15 of which were cases of infections among residents. In schools, 10 cases among students and 2 cases among teachers were confirmed yesterday. She added that at the beginning of each school year we see an increase in the number of respiratory infections, so in this situation, it is all the more important to follow the instructions and recommendations of competent authorities, personal physicians and epidemiologists of the NIJZ.

Dr Čakš Jager also said that we must not forget to respect protective measures, as this is the only way to protect vulnerable groups and maintain hospital capacity for those who need it most.

In the end, the government spokesperson Mr Kacin added that the healthcare system should not be taken hostage by COVID-19 and be brought to a standstill at the primary and secondary level because of COVID-19. The same applies to the staff and professional organisation in nursing homes and their stocks of protective equipment. The virus requires us to take additional measures and adaptations, also at the organisational and systemic level, he added.

Prime Minister Janez Janša convened a government crisis team this afternoon to discuss the necessary measures and system solutions to contain the spread of COVID-19.