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  • Consular hours in Lemont, Illinois - August 13, 2022

    We would like to inform you that we will hold a Consular day in Lemont, IL on Saturday, August 13 2022 from 10 am to 1 pm, at the Slovenian Catholic Center (14252 Main St., Lemont, IL 60439.

  • Consul General Alenka Jerak visited SloveneFest 2022 in Pennsylvania

    Consul General Alenka Jerak visited the SNPJ in Enon Valley, PA. Slovenefest 2022 was held there from July 8 through July 10. This event, the biggest SNPJ event of 2022, offered a chance to meet with other Slovenians while listening to Slovenian music and enjoying Slovenian dishes and beverages.

  • Consul General Alenka Jerak met with Ohio Governor DeWine today

    Consul General Alenka Jerak met with the Ohio Governor DeWine and Mrs. DeWine at their Residence near Columbus. Also present were the Director for Development/Economy Lidya Mihalik and Members of the Consular Corps in Ohio.

  • Commemorative medals awarded at the Statehood Day celebration in Ohio

    Today we celebrated Slovenian Statehood Day at Slovenska Pristava in Harpersfield as part of the event "I am proud to be a Slovenian", and awarded commemorative medals of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia to individuals who 31 years ago actively contributed to the American recognition of independent Slovenia.

  • Celebration of the Slovenian Statehood Day and a visit of the sister city Murska Sobota delegation in Bethlehem, PA

    Today we celebrated the Slovenian Statehood Day with Slovenian and American flag raising ceremony at the City Hall in Bethlehem, PA and speeches by representatives of the cities of Bethlehem and Murska Sobota, Ambassador Kajzer and Consul General Jerak, as well as a reception for members of the delegations of both cities and the Prekmurje Slovenian community.

  • Joe Valencic, a Slovenian-American from Cleveland, inducted into the Hall of Fame

    Consulate General of the Republic of Slovenia in Cleveland congratulates Joe Valencic on his induction into the Hall of Fame on Tuesday, June 7, 2022. He is the seventh Slovenian-American to be awarded this honor.

  • Volunteers cleaned the Slovenian Cultural Garden in Cleveland today

    A group of hard-working volunteers performed a clean-up and beautifying of the Slovenian Cultural Garden today. The garden is part of the wonderful Cultural Gardens, and it is located at 820 East Boulevard in Cleveland, Ohio. Come for a visit anytime!

  • World Bee Day event in Spencer, Ohio

    On May 21, a big event took place at the Right Queen Colonies farm in Spencer, Ohio, where the Consulate General celebrated all three Slovenian projects, which have been successfully implemented in Ohio and other US states for the past 3 years already: World Bee Day, Planting Honey-bee Friendly Plants Day, and Traditional Healthy Honey Breakfast .
    Around 200 visitors were able to attend an educational workshop on beekeeping, see a bee farm and many other domestic animals, honey and wax products, taste honey dishes, learn about Amish life, and the younger visitors could attend children's program with games, bee workshops and ride in the Amish carriage. There was even a “World Bee Day” cake available!

  • On World Bee Day focus on young people

    Today marks the fifth World Bee Day, declared by the UN General Assembly on Slovenia’s initiative on 20 December 2017. In this European Year of Youth, World Bee Day is dedicated to the future of beekeeping and the role of young people in raising awareness of its importance.

  • Consul General Alenka Jerak presented bee-related projects of Slovenia at the Night of Ideas in Chicago

    Invited by the French Consul General Yannick Tagand, the Slovenian Consul General Alenka Jerak appeared on the panel about sustainable development within the framework of the event "Night of Ideas/ Where are we going?" at the Chicago History Museum&Villa Albertina on May 12, 2022.

  • Consular hours in Lemont, IL

    We would like to inform you that the consular hours will be held in Lemont, IL on Saturday, May 14 2022. Consul General Alenka Jerak will be at the Slovenian Catholic Center (14252 Main St., Lemont, IL 60439) from 11 am to 3 pm.

  • Slovenian choir Korotan from Clevelanda celebrating its 70th anniversary

    Yesterday in the crowded hall of the Slovenian National Home the 70th anniversary of the Slovenian choir from Cleveland Korotan was marked by a magnificent and emotional concert, led by conductor Janez Sršen.

  • Planting the pollinator-friendly plants at the St. Mary´s Slovenian school in Collinwood

    Today, Ohio is planting honey plants again!
    This is how lively it was today at the Slovenian school of St. Mary of the Assumption in Colinwood, when we opened the school Bee Garden with students, teachers and parents and Father Kumše, prepared the ground for planting of the wildflowers, and talked about the importance and impact of the bees on our lives!

  • Slovenska Pristava in Harpersfield celebrates its 60th anniversary

    Such a cheerful dance mood was last Saturday at Slovenska Pristava in Harpersfield, where last year's 60th anniversary of the existence and opening of the new Lobe Hall was celebrated at this year's traditional Pristava Night!

    Stay happy and proud, Slovenska Pristava!

  • Planting of pollinator-friendly plants at the St. Vitus Slovenian School in Cleveland

    Consul General of the Republic of Slovenia Alenka Jerak helped plant pollinator-friendly plants at the St. Vitus Slovenian School in Cleveland today.

  • Consulate General visited the Euclid High School

    Today we visited the High School in Euclid, a town where quite a few Slovenian compatriots still live today. The reason: an agreement to carry out a number of joint projects with the students of the Urban Agriculture School Program and their instructor Josh Stephens - to mark the World Bee Day, Planting of the Honey-bee friendly plants Day and November's Honey Breakfast.

  • Consulate General celebrates the 30th anniversary of the American recognition of Slovenia as an independent state with a visit to the Statehouse in Columbus

    Today was a historic day for Slovenia in Ohio. The Consulate General celebrated tomorrow's 30th Anniversary of the American recognition of Slovenia as independent state in the Statehouse in Columbus:

  • Slovenia to introduce the Passenger Locator Form for passengers travelling by airplane and ship on 16 August

    Slovenia is introducing the Passenger Locator Form for passengers travelling by airplane and ship on 16 August to facilitate contact tracing. Every passenger will be asked to fill out his or her own form, including passengers travelling together as a family or in a group. Passengers in transit, who will remain in the airport's transit area (unless they should decide to leave the airport area for whatever reason) and airplane or ship crewmembers will not be asked to fill out the form.

  • Beware of Red Passport and Slovenian citizenship scams

    Third-country nationals should exercise the utmost caution in all dealings with companies that claim to offer assistance in obtaining Slovenian citizenship or Slovenian passports. Many websites and e-mail scams attempt to mislead individuals into believing the companies are offering to expedite citizenship or passport applications or are acting on behalf of the Slovenian authorities.

  • Discover Slovenia in Cleveland

    If you saw numerous groups wandering and exploring Cleveland and its neighboring cities on Father’s Day weekend, wearing Slovenian clothing, with Slovenian flags, posters and other props, we hope you weren’t alarmed! It was not an invasion of Slovenian tourists in Cleveland, but a competition and a project, named "Discover Slovenia in Cleveland.”