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EU funding for extending working lives

The Ministry of Cohesion and Regional Development has approved EU funding for the project Support for businesses for extending working lives (ASI+). The European Social Fund Plus will support the project with nearly EUR 13 million.
Simbolna fotografija starejših oseb, ki se rokujejo.

EU funding for extending working lives | Author Freepik

The aim of the project is to support extended working lives by strengthening the skills of older workers, addressing and removing stereotypes about older workers and empowering employers for the effective management of an ageing workforce. The project also enhances intergenerational solidarity by promoting knowledge sharing in the workplace between the different generations and contributing to skills development for older workers to make them more effective and productive amid the transition to the green and digital economy.

The project seeks to set up the working conditions and mechanisms that are tailored to the needs of older workers to encourage older workers to prolong their working lives and delay retirement. It targets multiple groups, including employers, older workers aged 50 and over (especially workers above the age of 55 and low-educated), public institutions involved in the making and delivery of active ageing policies, and social partners.

As such, the project aims to make a meaningful contribution to creating a more inclusive, more productive and more sustainable working environments for all generations.

The European Social Fund Plus will contribute EUR 12,943,699.83 to the project that is worth a total of EUR 18,570,588.