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Brežice Hosts the European Youth Event

Brežice, as the first of the Slovenian cities, will host the European Youth Event (EYE) from May 23 to 26, 2024. Young people from across the EU will discuss key social issues and exchange ideas about the future of Europe. Prior to Brežice, similar events took place this May in Berlin, Vilnius, and Forlì, Italy.

The EYE program in Brežice is fully tailored to the wishes of the youth, as they have been involved in its creation from the beginning. Based on their preferences, the three-day program will include cultural and artistic workshops in photography, visual arts, improvisational theatre, and other fields, "Ted talks" by well-known Slovenians, and musical performances by popular young artists.

At EYE Brežice, European Parliament members will share their experiences of working in the European Parliament with the youth. Before the event, an online campaign informed and raised awareness among young people about the role, results, and impact of the European Parliament on our lives, encouraging participation in the June elections.

Program of the European Youth Event - EYE Brežice

Local EYE events bring a unique experience to European cities and regions, offering young people across Europe the opportunity to meet each other, get inspired, and exchange ideas with experts, activists, and decision-makers. Local EYE events are co-financed and supported by the European Parliament and organized by youth organizations to bring Europe closer to young people and empower them to become active citizens and engage with the European Parliament.

EYE Brežice is organized with the support of the European Parliament by the Youth Network MaMa Institute, in collaboration with the Institute for Entrepreneurship, Tourism and Youth Brežice, the Municipality of Brežice, and the Youth Council of Slovenia.