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Prime Minister Golob: The demarcation of public and private healthcare will end harmful intermingling

Today, Prime Minister Dr Robert Golob attended a gala reception marking the 130th anniversary of the Novo Mesto General Hospital, where he was the keynote speaker.

In his address, Prime Minister Dr Golob reiterated that health is a priority for the Government. “I said this when we opened the new intensive care units at the Jesenice General Hospital, when we opened the renovated premises of the Murska Sobota Community Healthcare Centre, and today, when we signed the Letter of Intent for the development and implementation of a single master’s degree programme in medicine at the University of Primorska,” he said.

He praised the development of the Novo Mesto General Hospital, which has grown over time into the fourth largest hospital in Slovenia, having 1200 employees. In this context, he pointed out: “The Novo mesto General Hospital is also remarkable because, since its beginnings, it has been an impactful, flexible, and innovative institution that adapts to the challenges of the times.” He added that it also has strong links with the local community.

The Prime Minister, Dr Golob, stressed that the Novo Mesto General Hospital is the best in the country in terms of economic indicators. “You have made a lot of investments in the last year and this year alone, and I look forward to the opening of the nursing hospital," said the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister highlighted the positive climate that the Novo Mesto General Hospital is working hard to create. “Patients feel good knowing that they have come into the care of warm and dedicated people who care about the patient. I thank you deeply for your work and dedication,” said Prime Minister Dr Golob to those gathered.

He added that “it is precisely the demarcation between public and private healthcare that will ensure that there will no longer be a harmful intermingling between one and the other. In this way, hospitals will be able to operate even more successfully, because those who are wholeheartedly committed to working in a public institution for the benefit of the patient will be rewarded,” said the Prime Minister, who also thanked the hospital’s director, Milena Kramar Zupan, and added that the hospital is an inspiration and a source of pride for the whole of Slovenia. “Congratulations, Novo Mesto General Hospital!” said the Prime Minister, Dr Robert Golob, at the end of his address.