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Traditional Slovenian pastry potica is the queen of the Open Day of the European institutions

On May 4, before the Europe Day, the European institutions opened their doors to visitors, who were able to visit long and complex corridors of the institutions and learn about everything the EU does for its citizens. The member states also presented themselves: Slovenia presented to around 10,000 visitors with its potica pastry and excellent athletes, who are true ambassadors of the Slovenian way of life.
On the table is a round pot, several paper bags and a bouquet of yellow tulips

Slovenia presented itself with a stand that is colored with the culinary, sports and above all green characteristics of Slovenia | Author Permanent Representation to the European Union Brussels

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The highlight of the open day of the European institutions are the stands in the EU Council building, where the member states present themselves with their characteristics or special features and their contribution to the EU. With a colorful offer, they symbolically show how our differences unite us and at the same time enrich the common European family.

Slovenia participated with a stand that was colored with the culinary, sports and above all green characteristics of Slovenia. Visitors tested their knowledge of Slovenia in the wheel of fortune, tried Slovenian potica and learned how to prepare it according to a recipe that Slovenia has protected at the EU level. Visitors came to the stand from all over the world, including from India, Japan, China, and of course from neighboring Italy and Croatia and other members of the EU family. According to the organizers, there were around 10,000 of them.

During this year's celebration of the 20th anniversary of the largest enlargement of the EU, a special signpost led visitors to the stands of the countries that joined the EU on May 1, 2004 (Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Malta, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia).

Visitors also saw an exhibition of archival photos from 2004 in the Europe building.