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Publication of summary of the Third Periodic Safety Review report and the implementation action of the Krško NPP

The third phase of the Third periodic safety review of the Krško Nuclear Power Plant (NEK) has begun, and it includes the implementation of plan for changes and improvements in the next five years after the Periodic safety review was approved. The aim is transparent notification to the public and therefore, the summary report was prepared in Slovenian.

We have already reported (news on 7 December 2023) that the report on Third periodic safety review (PSR3) of the NEK was approved and thus the second phase of the PSR3 was completed. The process continues with execution of the implementation action plan that shall be completed in 5 years. With the approval of the PSR3 report, the Krško NPP has fulfilled the legal requirement for the extension of the operating license for another 10 years. The global safety assessment showed significant improvement of NEK’s safety since the previous PSR2 and that is result of safety improvements made within the NEK Safety upgrade program.

The summary of the PSR3 report was translated into Slovene in order to transparently inform the Slovenian public about the objective of the periodic safety review, the review methodology, the PSR3 results and the global assessment of plant safety. The summary report also contains the complete implementation action plan of the PSR3.