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Easter message from Prime Minister Robert Golob

Dear Citizens, dear Slovenians at home and abroad, I sincerely wish you happy Easter holidays.
Prime Minister Robert Golob

Prime Minister Robert Golob | Author UKOM

To all of you to whom these days mean a piece of tradition, a time to gather and celebrate with your loved ones. Many of us also welcome this weekend as an opportunity for a pause, for reflection, even renewal. Easter has a strong symbolism. It speaks of the relationship of an individual with a community. About the necessity of peaceful resolution of conflicts. But above all, it tells us than even in the most difficult moments, we can hope for a new dawn. In other words, for the victory of good over evil.

We live in a time when we face various challenges as individuals, as well as as a nation. These challenges can be overcome if only we trust in solidarity and listen to our fellow human beings. Easter is also a turning point in nature. This is the time when day wins over darkness again for a while. When hundred-year-old tree branches grow new green shoots. This is the birth of everything new, positive and inspiring. If we are able to transfer these simple lessons of nature to our thoughts and behaviour, our lives will be better.

I wish you peaceful Easter holidays in the company of your loved ones.

Robert Golob, Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia