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Prime Minister Robert Golob: "Unity is our greatest strength"

Prime Minister Robert Golob today met with NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg in Brussels.
Robert Golob in Jens Stoltenberg se rokujeta pred modrim ozadjem, na katerm so simboli zveze NATO.

Predsednik vlade Robert Golob se je srečal z generalnim sekretarjem zveze NATO Jensom Stoltenbergom. | Author Anže Malovrh, STA

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The two mainly discussed support for Ukraine, the developments in Gaza, the situation in the Western Balkans, with a focus on Bosnia and Herzegovina, burden-sharing within the alliance and preparations for the NATO summit to be held in Washington in July.

Mr Stoltenberg initially stressed that Slovenia has been a highly valued NATO ally for two decades. "We appreciate Slovenia’s contribution to collective defence and common security," said the Secretary-General.

"The Secretary-General and I had a very constructive talk," said Mr Golob on the margins of the meeting. This month will mark the 20th anniversary of Slovenia’s membership of NATO and the EU. "The last 20 years have been a period of prosperity and stability for Slovenia, which clearly shows the value of both the North Atlantic Alliance and the European Union, and there is no doubt about that among the Slovenian population," said the Prime Minister.

With regard to Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, Slovenia is supporting the alliance’s joint efforts to the best of its ability. The Prime Minister emphasised, "We are convinced that unity is our greatest strength, and that is something that must be preserved. Our shared view on Ukraine is of key importance, and I hope that this view will be further reinforced."

He added having mentioned to the Secretary-General that the situation in Ukraine was connected to the Asia–Pacific area and even more closely to the situation in Gaza and our response to it. "We should be more determined in calling upon both sides to immediately stop hostilities and reach a truce. "We have to do much more to prevent atrocities from happening, not least because of insinuations of double standards, which must be addressed with urgency," added the Prime Minister.

In his statement after the meeting, Prime Minister Robert Golob said that the talks also covered the situation in the Western Balkans, a region where Slovenia has a vital interest in maintaining stability. "Not only because of our proximity, but also because instability in the region has been growing in recent years," he stressed, adding, "With regard to this, we expressed an interest in sending more personnel to assist NATO in Kosovo, mainly to help maintain peace and stability." Slovenia believes that the Washington Summit could be a great success. "I am certain that our future discussions will continue to be conducted in the same positive and constructive manner. And Slovenia will do its part when it comes to burden-sharing as well as in terms of being a part of a unified NATO in the future," concluded the Prime Minister after the meeting at the NATO headquarters.