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"The school is a living community that adapts to its environment"

Elementary school students will enter a slightly renovated school in the fall. As the latest GOVSI podcast guest, State Secretary from the Ministry of Education, Janja Zupančič, emphasizes, the school is a living community that must adapt to what is happening in the environment. The recently adopted amendment to the Act on Elementary School is one of the responses to these adjustments.

Janja Zupančič oversees preschool education, primary and music schooling, as well as the education of children and adolescents with special needs. She boasts rich pedagogical experience across various levels of education – from years of teaching at primary and secondary schools to serving in the role of a principal. Her extensive background in the educational system is frequently shared at various professional events and serves as a firm foundation for shaping systemic innovations in primary education, a task she currently undertakes.

The starting point of the conversation in this episode of GOVSI, hosted by Vesna Žarkovič from the Government Communication Office, was the recently adopted amendment to the Elementary School Act, which brings significant changes to the learning of foreign languages, the implementation of the national assessment of knowledge (NAK), and also alters the framework of the extended program.

You are invited to watch the video podcast.