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Statement by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia, Robert Golob

Below we publish a statement by Prime Minister Golob.

Statement by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia, Robert Golob | Author UKOM

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"I call on doctors to immediately halt strike action and end the agony of patients in our public health system.

The doctors' strike has gone on for too long and patients' hardship is growing. I can understand doctors wanting to improve their financial situation. However, I believe that some expectations are unjustified or excessive, especially when compared with the situation of other healthcare workers. In any case, the demands of Fides are such that they require negotiations that must be based on both sides being aware of their social responsibility. This is mutual – the Government is aware that the implementation of the constitutional right to health care is under threat, that the Slovenian health care system is at a turning point and that the medical profession has a special and decisive role to play in ensuring a wide access of the population to quality health care services in the public health care system. The medical profession is a profession with a mission. Preventing unhindered access to health services, withdrawing or restricting various support and even administrative services in the health sector, closing surgeries and unreasonably prolonging the medical strike are unacceptable.

I have met several times in recent weeks with representatives of the health trade unions, directors of public institutions and, twice in the last week, with the leadership of Fides. I have expressed my expectation that the strike will be suspended and that all outstanding issues can be properly addressed in the context of the negotiations for the revision of the collective agreements for the whole health pillar. At the same time, I undertook the commitment to resume negotiations as early as next week and to keep them intensive.

I therefore call on doctors to stop strike action immediately and to put an end to the agony of patients in our public health system. I have called a special Government session for Monday, at which the Government will adopt the measures that are being prepared by the Ministry of Health.

Thank you to all of you who, in spite of the strike, maintain the voice of reason and diligently carry out your mission."