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Minister Fajon signs EUR 1.5 million donation agreement for humanitarian demining in Ukraine

On behalf of the Slovenian Government, Minister of Foreign and European Affairs Tanja Fajon today signed an agreement on the donation of EUR 1.5 million, which Slovenia will make available for humanitarian demining activities in Ukraine by the end of the year. At the signing ceremony, she emphasised that Slovenia is aware of the enormous need for demining in Ukraine and supports all efforts to put the country on the path to safe and sustainable reconstruction.
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Minister Fajon signs EUR 1.5 million donation agreement for humanitarian demining in Ukraine | Author Ministrstvo za zunanje in evropske zadeve

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The signing ceremony was attended by Yulia Sviridenko, Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine responsible for economic affairs, via audio-visual link, who thanked the Slovenian donation and stressed the importance of humanitarian demining.

Minister Fajon assured that Slovenia will continue to support Ukraine on its European path. "Even as a member of the Security Council, we will work for a just and lasting peace in Ukraine, based on the restoration of Ukraine's territorial integrity", she added.

Slovenia will provide funds for the purchase of equipment or for other humanitarian demining activities, whereby Ukraine will benefit from Slovenian expertise and experience, and will take into account the technologies and production capacities that Slovenia can offer. The agreement was signed on the Ukrainian side by the Ambassador of Ukraine to Slovenia, Andrii Taran.

Ukraine is the most heavily mined country in the world. Almost one third of its territory is contaminated by mines, cluster munitions and other explosive remnants. Agricultural production and the safety of the population are at risk. It will take years to clear the area, and humanitarian demining will remain one of the most important and difficult steps on the road to rebuilding Ukraine.

The donation is part of Slovenia's continued humanitarian assistance in 2023 to address the consequences of the war in Ukraine. This year, Slovenia has also earmarked funds for projects of the strategic partner for the emergency humanitarian response, Caritas Slovenia (EUR 800,000), including the reconstruction of public facilities for the most vulnerable groups, children and people with disabilities, food aid and psychosocial support for children. Slovenia has also provided funds to the Olena Zelenska Foundation for the reconstruction of the Central City Hospital in Izyum, Kharkiv region (EUR 200,000) and to international organisations through humanitarian contributions (International Committee of the Red Cross - ICRC, World Food Programme - WFP and World Health Organization - WHO). It also supports the projects of ITF Enhancing Human Security for mine clearance and psychosocial support for children and the activities of the Centre for European Perspective (CEP) for training Ukrainian municipalities in post-war reconstruction.

Slovenia has almost doubled its humanitarian aid funding to Ukraine this year to help alleviate the consequences of the war.