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Closure event of the 2014-2020 Interreg programmes

A joint closure event of three cross-border programmes, i.e. Slovenia-Austria, Slovenia-Croatia, and Slovenia-Hungary, was held in Ljubljana today to mark the closure of the 2014-2021 programming period. The keynote speaker at the event, the Minister of Cohesion and Regional Development Dr Aleksander Jevšek, highlighted the successful performance of the programmes, drawing particular attention to their importance for cross-border regions.
Uvodni nagovor ministra za kohezijo in regionalni razvoj dr. Aleksandra Jevška na zaključnem dogodku čezmejnih Interreg projektov

Introductory remarks of Minister Jevšek at the closure event of Interreg programmes | Author Ministry of Cohesion and Regional Development

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''The numbers speak for themselves. A total of 117 projects, 652 partners from Austria, Croatia, Hungary and Slovenia and distribution of the total funding made available under the 2014-2020 programming period, around 102 million euros, prove that we are able to work successfully together and that there is interest in the development of all three cross-border areas,’’ underscored Minister Jevšek in his remarks. He added that ‘’Slovenia will also successfully close the operational programme for the 2014-2020 programming period as the entire cohesion funding that was made available to the country will be spent by the end of this year.’’

According to the Minister, cooperation and coordinated action in tackling common challenges lead to better results and sustainable impacts that go beyond national borders. ‘’Exchange of cross-border good practices and knowledge at programme and project level makes an important contribution to the development and a better quality of life in the programme area,’’ added the Minister.

Cross-border programmes foster economic and social development in border regions, help tackle common challenges in the environment, public health, safety and security, and create better conditions for the mobility of people, goods, and capital. They make an important contribution to cross-border integration processes and to building the identity of the cross-border area. In practice, this means delivering more ideas and sustainable solutions that bring people, institutions, and businesses together. The Managing Authority of the cross-border programmes Slovenia-Austria, Slovenia-Croatia, and Slovenia-Hungary is the Ministry of Cohesion and Regional Development.  

Cross-border cooperation is an integral part of the common EU cohesion policy that supports a balanced development of the whole EU. The objectives of cross-border cooperation are to promote a joint approach to solving common problems in border areas, to implement joint actions, and to share policies, experience, and knowledge between national, regional, and local actors.