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Slovenia hosted the 16th ASEF International Conference on Education in the Era of AI

The 16th international conference of the Asia-Europe Foundation Classroom Network took place from 13 to 15 November 2023 in Ljubljana to discuss the digitalisation of education in the age of artificial intelligence. The participants were addressed by Maja Balant Slobodjanac, Governor from Slovenia in the Asia-Europe Foundation from the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, which is actively involved in the Foundation

In her opening speech at the international conference of the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF), Maja Balant Slobodjanac, Governor from Slovenia, emphasised the importance of the conference, which focuses on the role and impact of artificial intelligence in our education system: “There is a growing awareness that the world around us is constantly changing and that educational approaches need to be adapted to this dynamic environment. We come together from different parts of the world, each with our own expertise, experience and vision. We have two common goals: to explore how we can harness the potential of AI to improve our education system and to commit to co-creating sustainable and inclusive solutions, not least to ensure that AI serves the common good and does not deepen social inequalities.”

The conference comprised lectures, round table discussions and workshops. The participants discussed several aspects such as the global impact of AI on education, the ethical aspects of AI from a humanities perspective and the responsibilities associated with the use of AI tools in teaching. They actively took part in practical workshops and gained practical insights from lectures such as Fundamentals of AI from a Technological Viewpoint and Generative AI in the Classroom. Practical experiences were the focus of the workshop Teacher Experience of AIED Tools, in which teachers presented their experiences of integrating AI into their lessons.

The conference also provided a platform for critical discussions on the present and future of the AI-driven digital transformation of education. International experts exchanged views on current developments impacting classrooms around the world. This discussion has not only provided a comprehensive understanding of the current state of AI in education, but has also laid the groundwork for anticipating the future development of this dynamic interface between technology and learning. Participation in the discussions demonstrated a shared commitment to promoting positive change in education through the responsible integration of artificial intelligence. Participants had the opportunity to share insights, discuss challenges and present examples of best practice.

The conference was attended by more than 100 participants from 32 countries. ASEF’s annual Classroom Network conferences offer a unique opportunity to share knowledge and the latest developments, make new research and business contacts and promote the host country. The conference is a unique opportunity to promote Slovenia’s excellence in the field of AI development.

The ASEF Classroom Network Conference has been bringing together school leaders, teachers and education experts from Europe and Asia since 1998. Its objective is to showcase the latest educational technologies and initiate a series of online school collaborations and exchanges with teachers and students from 51 countries.