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Minister Fajon: "We must give people in the Middle East hope for peace"

Minister Tanja Fajon participated in an informal videoconference of EU foreign ministers on the situation in Israel and in the region. She expressed her solidarity with Israel and sympathy for all civilian victims.
Tanja Fajon, Minister of Foreign and European  Affairs

Tanja Fajon, Minister of Foreign and European Affairs | Author MZZ

Slovenia condemns in the strongest terms all forms of terror, including the Hamas terrorist attack on Israel, which has claimed many civilian and innocent lives.

Slovenia is particularly concerned about the humanitarian situation and the protection of civilians on both sides. The killing of people must be stopped and the release of hostages negotiated. "Unfortunately, civilians always pay the highest price in conflicts, and the path to peace must be a top priority," stressed Minister Fajon, adding that "Palestinians are not Hamas and should not suffer because of Hamas' actions."

Continued EU development and humanitarian assistance is crucial, and Slovenia will provide additional humanitarian aid in the amount of €150,000 through the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNWRA).

Slovenia calls for compliance with international humanitarian law and international human rights law. "We must give back hope to the people of the Middle East," she stressed in her address.

Slovenia advocates the renewal of the peace process and stresses the urgency of reviving the two-state solution. It supports, and will continue to support, any peace initiative in this regard.

The Minister concluded her address with a proposal for an informal meeting of EU and the Arab League foreign ministers to strengthen efforts towards stability in the region.

Minister Fajon has already held talks with the foreign ministers of Israel, Palestine, Egypt and Jordan on the situation in the region.