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Slovenia's national brand 'I feel Slovenia' presented at the conference of the country's honorary consuls

On 27 September 2023, the third conference of the honorary consuls of the Republic of Slovenia began in Nova Gorica and will last until 29 September 2023. It is an important event for promoting Slovenia and its economy abroad.
Slobodan Šešum stands and speaks, the speakers are seated.

Address by the Director General of the Directorate for Public and Economic Diplomacy, Dr Slobodan Šešum. | Author Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs

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On the first day of the conference, attended by 77 honorary consuls from more than 50 countries, the guests were welcomed by the Mayor of Nova Gorica, Samo Turel, and the Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, Renata Cvelbar Bek, who thanked the honorary consuls for carrying out their mission and their contribution to establishing and developing economic, cultural and friendly bilateral relations.

In a short discussion about Slovenia's national brand, the Director General of the Directorate for Public and Economic Diplomacy, Dr Slobodan Šešum, and representatives of the Slovenian Public Agency for Entrepreneurship, Internationalisation, Foreign Investment and Technology (SPIRIT), the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, the Office of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia for Communication (UKOM), the Slovenian Tourist Board and the Technological Park stressed the importance of the cooperation of all stakeholders – both the business sector and state institutions – in building the country's strong and globally recognisable national brand.

Špela Vovk, head of the Division for the Promotion of Slovenia at UKOM, pointed out that the story of the I feel Slovenia brand goes beyond the promotion of the country's tourism and natural beauty. It is also a story about Slovenians, their sport, culture, art, science, way of life and civil society. With a national brand, Slovenia can show that it is an innovative, creative and trustworthy country that can be internationally competitive. "At the Government Communications Office, which is the custodian of the I feel Slovenia brand, we make sure that stakeholders use it in the right way," said Špela Vovk, adding that experience so far has shown that even small countries such as Slovenia can secure for themselves an important position through representation, especially with a national brand. "I think that we should all strengthen our cooperation and create a consistent and convincing narrative about Slovenia abroad and thus strengthen the I feel Slovenia brand," added the head of the Division for the Promotion of Slovenia.

In the afternoon, the honorary consuls attended a reception at the Presidential Palace, hosted by the country's president, Nataša Pirc Musar. The programme will include field visits. On Thursday, the honorary consuls will visit Dolenjska, on a tour including Otočec Castle and the Krka pharmaceutival company, and will attend a reception hosted by the Mayor of Novo mesto, Gregor Macedoni.

The last day of the conference will again be held in Goriško, beginning with an address delivered by the Mayor of Nova Gorica, Samo Turel, and the Minister for Slovenians Abroad, Matej Arčon.  Among other things, the programme will be aimed at presenting the European Capital of Culture 2025 project and the economic and tourist potential of the region.