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Macro-regional cooperation plays an important role in Cohesion Policy funds absorption

This year’s Mediterranean Coast and Macro-regional Strategies Week was held in Izola, Slovenia, under the slogan ‘Stronger cooperation for better future’. The event, which has become recognised as one of the central events where the representatives of all four European macro-regional strategies meet and share their experiences, was attended by State Secretary at the Ministry of Cohesion and Regional Development, mag. Marko Koprivc.

Macro-regional cooperation aims to coordinate the interests of individual countries to foster growth and development of the wider region and promote cooperation at the highest ministerial level and the level of project networks. Slovenia participates in the EU Strategy for the Adriatic-Ionian Region (EUSAIR) which is supported by the EUSAIR Facility Point. 

At the main opening event, State Secretary Koprivc said he was proud that the Ministry of Cohesion and Regional Development was again entrusted with the leading role in the EUSAIR Facility Point. The central role of the Facility Point is to coordinate the implementation of key macro-regional processes together with the current Presidency and the European Commission. “I’m so happy that the promise I made last year has come true, namely that the successful partnership between our Ministry and the Municipality of Izola will continue for at least four years under the new EUSAIR Facility Point project.”     

In addition to having a leading role in the EUSAIR Facility Point, the Ministry of Cohesion and Regional Development, which acts as the Managing Authority for Cohesion Policy funds, is responsible for mainstreaming macro-regional topics in the implementation of Slovenia’s Cohesion Policy Programme. In this respect, the Ministry aims to continue operational cooperation with managing authorities and coordinating bodies in the region at the policy coordination level and further strengthen cooperation at the project and network level, underlined State Secretary Koprivc.       

At the opening event of this year’s Mediterranean Coast and Macro-regional Strategies Week, the award for journalistic coverage of EUSAIR was awarded for the first time. The award for the best and third best journalistic coverage went to Miho Dobrašin, a journalist of the Croatian HINA; Dino Subrašić, journalist of the Slovenian RTV, won second place.