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State Secretary Boštjan Šefic: Municipalities can suggest measures for reconstruction and development

Today, on 12 September 2023, the State Secretary for the Coordination of Measures and Activities for Post-Flood Reconstruction, Boštjan Šefic, visited the Municipality of Litija and met with Mayor Franci Rokavec. The purpose of the working visit was to discuss the challenges and needs facing the municipality and residents living in the affected area, as well as further relief measures.

On this occasion, State Secretary Boštjan Šefic said that the mayor and his team gave a detailed account of the situation they were facing at the beginning of August: "They also informed us of all the issues that had already been resolved since then," said State Secretary Šefic, adding that certain challenges still remained. Measures such as cleaning up, riverbed maintenance and the removal of flood debris are already underway. "The debris must be secured one way or another to avoid a renewed threat to watercourses during the next spell of rain," said the State Secretary.

The meeting participants also discussed the necessary long-term measures and infrastructure, such as constructing bridges and roads. Furthermore, they addressed potential measures to be included in the Reconstruction and Development Act: "The municipalities were invited to propose measures that they believe are necessary and important for reconstruction and development," said the State Secretary.

According to State Secretary Boštjan Šefic, the working meeting was a productive one, resulting in an agreement on further operational steps to be taken.