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State Secretary Dr Andrej Benedejčič attends Ukraine event in Kranj

The State Secretary for National and International Security in the Prime Minister's Office, Dr Andrej Benedejčič, attended a cultural event dedicated to Ukraine’s national day in Kranj.

 Andrej Benedejčič stands behind the microphone, with flags next to him.

Address by the State Secretary for National and International Security, Dr Andrej Benedejčič, on the occasion of Ukraine's National Day. | Author Cabinet of the PM

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In his address, he acknowledged the members of Ukraine’s Civil Protection Service sent to Slovenia a week ago to alleviate the consequences of the recent floods. As Prime Minister Robert Golob said at the time, this relief not only arrived in time, but was also the right type of relief. Ukraine’s heavy machinery is exactly what is needed in the Upper Savinja Valley right now.

According to the State Secretary, Ukraine’s gesture is an example of true reciprocity and intercountry solidarity. It is therefore only right for this year’s event celebrating Ukraine’s national holiday to be held in Kranj, the town of France Prešeren. Just like his contemporary and Ukraine’s foremost poet, Taras Shevchenko, the greatest Slovenian poet always strived for the equality of all nations, big and small. Everyone has the inalienable right to their own identity. That is why Slovenia will continue to stand by Ukraine’s side in its just fight against the aggressor.