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Minister Fajon, Croatian Foreign Minister Grlić Radman and Minister Jevšek in Prekmurje

Minister Tanja Fajon today hosted Croatian Minister of Foreign and European Affairs Gordan Grlić Radman. They visited areas hit by the flooding, accompanied by Minister of Cohesion and Regional Development Aleksander Jevšek.

The ministers, Mayor Vera Markoja of Črenšovci and Mayor Janez Magyar of Lendava, accompanied by the chief of the Pomurje Civil Protection unit, Martin Smodiš, visited the affected areas and the dykes in the municipalities of Črenšovci and Lendava.

Minister Fajon expressed gratitude to Minister Grlić Radman for Croatia’s display of solidarity in Slovenia’s darkest hour. “On behalf of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia and our people, I would like to sincerely thank the Croatian government and nation for their exceptional solidarity and selfless help. Croatia was the first to provide the military helicopter urgently needed to prevent the River Mura from bursting its banks. Further aid is on the way, including 17 soldiers, equipment and construction material. Croatia has shown real solidarity.”

Slovenia has activated the EU and NATO mechanisms; beside Croatia, Hungary, Austria, several regions of Italy, Malta, Bulgaria, Latvia, the Czech Republic, and the Western Balkans countries have already offered bilateral aid.

In a letter to foreign ministers of all EU and NATO member states, as well as EU candidate countries, Minister Fajon, on behalf of the Slovenian government and people, thanked the partners who had pledged assistance to the country, and requested additional aid through the EU and NATO. Slovenia’s primary objective, as with any natural disaster, is to repair the direct damage caused by the tragedy and return to normality as soon as possible. However, a full recovery of society and the economy will require further concerted efforts and aid from EU funds, making timely access to the EU Solidarity Fund and other funding a key factor.

“The Government of the Republic of Slovenia and I, as Minister of Cohesion and Regional Development, carry the responsibility to try and secure EU funding to rebuild the damaged public infrastructure and help our people. Our nation faces a formidable task, but joining forces with our friends and neighbours, we will overcome these difficult times,” Minister Jevšek said.