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Diploma award ceremony for graduates of the Ministry’s Diplomatic Academy training programme

This week, the Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs hosted an award ceremony for this semester’s participants of the training for the diplomatic exam, which they recently passed with great success.

Head of the Diplomatic Academy Andraž Zidar and Secretary-General, Ambassador Renata Cvelbar Bek, opened the event by congratulating the participants and welcoming them into the circle of full members of the diplomatic profession. They were pleased that this year’s training for the diplomatic exam was held at a higher level than in the previous years, as it was provided throughout the entire semester, and the exam encompassed more thematic areas as well as a discussion essay in English.

In his speech, Zidar presented the qualities of an ideal diplomat as seen by some world-famous diplomats. The participants acquired these qualities during their preparation for the diplomatic exam. “The qualities of a good diplomat must be fostered and upgraded throughout the entire diplomatic career,” said Zidar. He pointed out loyalty – first and foremost to the diplomat's country, then to international organisations in which we hold membership, and lastly to the diplomatic profession, which has its ethics and rules of conduct. He added that being a diplomat of a small state can be an advantage, enabling diplomats to have a much broader circle of activity and space for creativity in their work.

As Secretary-General, Ambassador Cvelbar Bek stressed, being committed to studying diplomacy is essential in becoming a successful diplomat. She urged the training participants to work for our diplomatic missions since representing one’s country, its values and the values of the EU in the world is a special honour and privilege, which also comes with great responsibility. Diplomats must not allow the small size of their country to limit them, as it is their knowledge, ability and skills – which are founded on appropriate education – that give them the opportunity to prove themselves as respectable and interesting conversationalists and as such the best representatives of their country abroad.

In this respect, the new diplomats will certainly benefit from the knowledge that they acquired in the course of preparations for the diplomatic exam. However, as required by the nature of diplomatic work, this knowledge must be upgraded regularly.