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Prime Minister Golob: Those who invest in knowledge need not fear the future

Today, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia, Robert Golob, attended the solemn ceremony at the start of construction of the BioCampus, the centre for biotherapeutics development, in Mengeš.

With all its development and production locations, the Novartis company is an important player in the Slovenian economy. Novartis will enhance its capacities for the early technical development of biologics in Slovenia with an investment worth EUR 111 million, while its location in Mengeš will become the largest industrial centre of modern innovative biotechnology in Slovenia where the development and production of biological medicinal products will take place.

"Those who invest in knowledge need not fear the future," said the Prime Minister initially while highlighting that companies which rely on innovation recognise crises as opportunities. At the time of crises, it is necessary to invest in innovation and science, which is also proven by the largest industrial centre for modern innovative biotechnology in Slovenia. The Government supports such investing and has been allocating more funds from the budget for innovations, "I even dare to say that we have allocated such a large amount of funds that our research sphere lacks the absorption capacities to utilise them."

Since we are an ageing society, the need for medicinal products is also increasing, "Perhaps the BioCampus in Mengeš holds an answer to the question about how to eliminate the bottlenecks which occur in the supply of classical medicines that the entire Europe is dealing with at the moment", noted the Prime Minister and added, "I believe that the innovative approaches can contribute to Europe becoming not only the global leader in the supply of medicinal products, but also the continent that will take the best care of its ageing population. Such investments are important for the improvement of financial results, as well as the quality of people’s lives."

The climate crisis is one of the largest challenges that has to be addressed today, "The new centre, which will be carbon neutral, sets an example for the Novartis corporation and other world industries. I am proud of that. Those who invest in sustainability will enjoy a better future in addition to a green future", the Prime Minister concluded.