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Prime Minister Robert Golob: Technology, investment in knowledge and employee satisfaction key to higher value added

Prime Minister Robert Golob today attended the opening of Bosch Rexroth production plant. Bosch Rexroth has been operating in Slovenia for 25 years and the opening of the new plant in Brnik will create 123 additional jobs. The investment of EUR 13.2 million will create room for growth and future activities for the electrification of mobile applications.

The Slovenian Government has recognised the contribution of the new plant in terms of creating new jobs and maintaining supply chains with major suppliers in Slovenia, as well as Slovenia's important role in Bosch Rexroth's global manufacturing network. The new Bosch Rexroth production project has therefore been included by the Government in the Development Programmes Plan for 2022–2025 and supported with a state financial incentive of EUR 829,308.

Speaking at the event, Prime Minister Golob said that these are challenging times, partly because of what the future holds for us in terms of climate change, which will require us to change many of our habits out of responsibility for future generations. Technology, particularly electrification, can help us cope with climate change more easily. "And if we can sum up what I see here today, it is exactly how we can help a number of industries make the transition to sustainable industries through electrification," concluded Prime Minister Golob, adding that the combination of technology and investment in skills and employee satisfaction is the key to higher value added. Bosch Rexroth in Slovenia is a success story that combines everything in one place - care for the environment and the planet, care for employees and, at the same time, care for material well-being. "We would like to see more stories like this in Slovenia" the Prime Minister stressed.